We Look at Thyroid Sufferers Through a New Set of Lenses

We understand the interface between the immunology and endocrinology in thyroid sufferers and take a thorough look at patients suffering from Hashimoto’s.

We run specialized lab tests and immune panels that explain to us where the physiology is going wrong, and assist us in determining what needs must be met and managed to better your condition.We start with a comprehensive thyroid panel, including antibodies, to determine the underlying source of your thyroid problem.

There are over 30 different thyroid dysfunctional patterns, with Autoimmune as the most common mechanism we come across. After this step, we run laboratory panels to look at blood sugar disorders, hormone regulation, anemia patterns, and adrenal dysfunction. These final steps play a crucial role in thyroid function and help us understand your case to uncover the possible mechanisms that are contributing to your pain areas.

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